Student Stories

Student Stories

Below are a few of the letters and stories that we have received from Goldenlink Academy students. 

From V. Yao
虽然我在 Goldenlink 时间很短暂,但回想起来觉得特别暖心。我住在 downtown 离学校可以说很远,怕早上堵车,季老师每天开着校车6点半到我家楼下接我,有时候他来早了 20 分钟也会等到 6 点半再发短信给我说“V. 我到了”。他从来不会抱怨自己起很早,但时常关心我困不困,他真 的是一个非常温暖的人。我也很喜欢 Ann,作为校长她反而特别的随和,她会时不时的问每位学 生的学习情况。我记得最清楚的一次是,大家都不在只有我上英语课,Ann 就跟外教说这节课单独辅导我雅思。她也会像朋友一样给我分享她的经历给我出谋划策。Minna姐太可爱,不仅长得可爱,性格也特别好,每天我们到校 Minna都在给我们变换花样的准备早饭,下课后大家也都很喜欢和她一起聊天,因为她就像我们的姐姐一样。丁老师人特别幽默,喜欢讲段子,喜欢跟我们 开玩笑,就像哥哥一样。上课的时候也会采取小游戏的方式点人回答问题,不会的他从来不会批评,而是很有耐心的再讲一遍。 Thank you for all your supporting, I really wish Goldenlink Academy can achieve a brighter and more brilliant future!

Although the time at Goldenlink was not too long, when I recall those memories, it was a very warm time. I lived downtown, far from the school. Mr. Ming drove all the way downtown at 6:30am. Sometimes even if he got here 20 min earlier, he would wait until 6:30 to send a message to me, saying that he was here. He never complained about how early he had to get up, but he always cared about me and if I had enough sleep. He is a very warm and very caring person. I also like Ann, as a principle, she is very easygoing, she always ask each student about their studies, from asking about their current progress to if we have any difficulties with our studies. A lasting impression; one time, I was the only student present in the English class that day, and Ann told the teacher to help me further with my IETLS preparation. She listened to me and gave suggestions to me as a friend, she shared her own life experience with me. And Minna is a lovely person, she is a generally nice, every morning she prepared different kind of breakfast for us, and we also like to chat with her during our breaks. She is like a big sister to us. Mr. Ding had a great sense of humour and he always came up with funny jokes and stories, he was like a big brother. During the class, he really tried to make the lessons more fun and enjoyable, and tried to incorporate games into our lessons; he was never impatient with us and made absolutely sure that we understood every lesson. Thank you for all your supporting, I really wish Goldenlink Academy can achieve a brighter and more brilliant future! 

From Y. Zhu
(A poem)



课间,Ann 和学生讨论生活近况。 
假日, JiMing 带我们郊游和摄影。 
关怀、亲近和温馨, 在细节里播种,


Goldenlink Academy,
I wish we had met earlier,
But luckily we did.
It's more like a family,
Than just a school, 
A place that feels like home. 

In the morning, Minna makes breakfast for us,
During our breaks, Ann chats with us,
During the lunchtime, all the students have lunch in the big room,
After school, everybody chats and laughs in the lobby,
During the holidays, Mr. Ming takes us to different places and we take photos. 
Caring, intimacy and warmth 
Plant the seed with detail,
The flower will blossom,
In the future the fruit will ripen,
What we will obtain is a sense of home


From H. Han
自从来到金桥学校,老师和同学都给予我了很多帮助,尤其是数学丁老师和英 Alina 老师用他们 的休息时间来给我补课我非常的感动,minna 老师也在我报考大学的方面给予了我很多指导。总之很感谢在金桥的这半年时间老师和同学的关注和帮忙。希望学校可以越办越好

Since I came to Goldenlink Academy, I got lots of help from both teachers and classmates. Especially the math teacher, Mr. Ding and the English teacher, Alina. They always use their own break-time to give me make-up classes. Minna helped me with university application and gave me a lot of advice. Overall, I am thankful the help and care that I received from teachers and students this half year. I hope the school can grow more and more!


From L. Li
谢谢大家这几个月的照顾,让我度过了最开心的高中时光,很高兴能够遇见丁老师, Alina, Mrs. Tabitha, Minna 姐, 校长和各位同学,也很开心收到大家的祝福,我父母说了 虽然只是一 张贺卡,但这是人一辈子最宝贵的财富和礼物,要好好保存,虽然以后还会有很多人和物,很多 风风雨雨,但你永远活在我的心中

I am very thankful for everyone who took care of me these past couple of months. This was my happiest high school experience, and I am so glad that I met Mr. Ding, Alina, Tabitha, Minna, the principal, Mr. Ming and all my classmates. I felt very happy and grateful when everyone wished me well. My parents told me that although it was only a card, it was the most precious treasure and gift; I should really keep it well. Later on, I will meet many more people, more struggles, more experiences - but I will always remember everyone here.


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