University Preparation Courses

University Preparation Courses

Entering high school/secondary school is a critical time in a young adults life. The courses that they choose from grades 9-12 will have an impact on what they can study in later grades. The Ontario Secondary School system and its courses are divided into different track pathways. From the grades 9 and 10, students may choose to take "academic" or "applied" courses. 


  • Academic courses focus on theory and abstract problems 


  • Applied courses focus on practical applications and concrete examples

This system allows for students to tailor their learning towards their own goals and future pathway. Students may transfer from applied to academic courses by attending a remedial course. 

After grade 10, "academic" and "applied" courses are changed to "university preparation" and "college preparation". The type of courses students choose in grade 9 and 10 (academic or applied) affect their choices in grades 11 and 12. These choices ultimately affect student's post-secondary education. 

University Preparation Courses 

  • Courses that are specifically for students wishing to pursue an university education. Universities require students to complete select number/selection of University preparation courses to be considered admittance. (Example: English, university prep level - ENG4U) 

College Preparation Courses:

  • Courses that are specifically for students wishing to pursue a college education. (Example: English, college prep level - ENG4C)


Goldenlink Academy offers a range of university preparation courses that students can use towards their OSSD requirements. University preparation courses for core subjects, such as english, math and sciences, are available. 

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