Ontario High School Credit Course

Ontario High School Credit Course

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a diploma granted to high school graduates in the province of Ontario. To complete the OSSD's requirements, students are expected to complete an academic credit system from grades 9 through 12. Students are required to complete specific, compulsory credits in addition to their elective courses:

1. 4 credits in English (through grades 9-12)
2. 3 credits in mathematics (at least one in grade 11 or 12)
3. 2 credits in science 
4. 1 credit in French (as a second language) 
5. 1 credit in Canadian geography
6. 1 credit in Canadian history 
7. 1 credit in physical education 
8. 0.5 credit in civics
9. 0.5 credit in career studies 

Goldenlink Academy offers high school credit courses that students may use towards their OSSD requirements. 

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