Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) helps integrate students easily into Western culture - at Goldenlink, we have the resources and dedicated teachers to support our ESL students. 

Students will have the opportunity to practise and strengthen their English skills. Grammar, vocabulary and oral communication will be practised and students will be provided a strong foundation to set out their academic and personal pursuits.

ESL is graded on a 5-scale tier system. 

Level 1 (A) - ESLAO
- The student is new to the English language with little to no training. They have a very limited vocabulary. For students taking an ESLAO level class, this level introduces the English language to them and learn basic language structure, how to have short, simple, everyday conversations. Students are provided knowledge and skills to begin new life in Canada. 

Level 2 (B) - ESLBO
- High beginner level, the student can understand some directions and simple assignments in English. Vocabulary is still greatly limited to commonly-used words. This level extends their vocabulary and students are able to see grammatical structures and sentence patterns to create paragraphs. 

Level 3 (C) - ESLCO 
- Intermediate level, the student feels comfortable to respond orally, despite frequent errors and incorrect word selection. Vocabulary is limited but rapidly improving. Students taking an ESLCO course will practise their oral communication skills through presentations and read a variety of adapted and original English texts, practising their academic vocabulary.

Level 4 (D) - ESLDO
- High intermediate level, the student constantly adds new words to his vocabulary knowledge. Grammar and vocabulary errors should be receding. Students taking an ESLDO course will be prepared to use English with greater fluency and accuracy, in both the classroom and in social environments. They will read near grade-level texts and write narratives, summaries and articles in English.

Level 5 (E) - ESLEO
- Advanced level, the student can excel in English classroom and social activities. He can read at near-grade level with dictionary help and requires few teacher intervention (with vocabulary and directional assistance). Students taking an ESLEO course will be prepared to take college and university preparation courses in English, participating in debates and leading discussions. They will write essays, narratives and reports

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School Mission

No matter what the age, we believe everyone has enormous potential to do great things. We are committed to partnering with our students to help build strong skills that will prepare them for a successful future in their communities.  

School Vision

At Goldenlink Academy, our vision is to inspire our students to reach beyond the expected, and prepare them for their world of limitless possibilities.