Does the school offer homestay programme and guardianship services?

Yes, Goldenlink Academy provides homestay arrangement and guardianship service to our full time students at no extra cost.  For international students not study in our school, we can provide the services with a charge. 

Does the School offer bus service to its International Students?

Yes, for International students who live in the homestay that is arranged by GLA, we provide a safe and reliable bus service. 

What other fees should I expect?

Books: For Secondary School students, books are purchased from the School (either new or second-hand when available) and can be resold to the school at the end of the school year (depending on the condition of the book and whether or not it is being used next year.) We recommend budgeting around $500 for books for the year initially. Junior School students are charged a fee of approximately $75 for consumable books and texts. All other textbooks and novels are loaned to the students by the School.

Laptop: For Secondary School students, a laptop is mandatory. A modest software fee may apply depending on course selection.

Health Insurance: For families outside Canada, we would recommend health insurance at the cost of approximately $550. 

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School Mission

No matter what the age, we believe everyone has enormous potential to do great things. We are committed to partnering with our students to help build strong skills that will prepare them for a successful future in their communities.  

School Vision

At Goldenlink Academy, our vision is to inspire our students to reach beyond the expected, and prepare them for their world of limitless possibilities.