Why Choose GLA?

Why choose GLA?

The world demands well-rounded, intellectual and passionate leaders for tomorrow. 

In order to find individual "success", students are expected not only to excel in academics, but to excel in personal, emotional and mental growth as well. 

Goldenlink Academy is a school that focuses on shaping intelligent, well-rounded and passionate leaders. Your child will not only excel in academics, we strive to carve their personal passions into "potential" and "opportunity". 

Goldenlink Academy stands by our mission, vision and values to guide your child in the pathway they desire to take.

Wide range of services and extracurriculars

Goldenlink Academy offers a wide range of services for students. From services such as school busing, monthly field trips, meal plans, accommodation guidance and assistance on visa applications, Goldenlink will thoroughly support the needs of your child.

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Dedicated Staff and Teachers

Goldenlink Academy’s team of staff and teachers brings diverse and unique experiences and knowledge to our students.  Our team is passionate about education and is constantly striving to develop new ways of engaging with student needs.  As a testament to this devotion to education, many of students have felt that they are just home away from home when they attend our school.  Our instructors come from all walks of life, and our staff is extremely well-versed in taking care of every student’s individual needs from the day they begin their journey with us. 

Well-rounded Curriculum

We stand by our view that tomorrow's leaders must be well-rounded and balanced. Goldenlink Academy offers a number of extracurricular activities that are designed to exercise the student's leadership skills, as well as improving their mental and physical well-being. Such activities include: community service involvement and field trips to museums, universities and landmarks!

Class Sizes

Our small classes are designed to target specific skills and address weaknesses. Students will be closely monitored and guided by dedicated teachers, who progress their improvement every day. Each student will be assessed appropriately prior to the course to help improve test scores.  Our services are customized for each individual student with customized needs in order to maximize results.  With offerings for TOEFL, IELTS, COPE and more, Goldenlink builds students for admissions success. 

International Students 

Nestled within the outskirts of one of North America's biggest cities, Goldenlink Academy offers a prime learning environment for international students. Toronto's safe, yet bustling, atmosphere is an ideal place for the budding student to learn and thrive; with many opportunities in the area, your child is sure to find their passions here. 

Connect with us

Address:20 Amber Street, Unit 204,
Markham, Ontario L3R 5P4

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School Mission

No matter what the age, we believe everyone has enormous potential to do great things. We are committed to partnering with our students to help build strong skills that will prepare them for a successful future in their communities.  

School Vision

At Goldenlink Academy, our vision is to inspire our students to reach beyond the expected, and prepare them for their world of limitless possibilities.