Principal's Message

Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Goldenlink Academy.

Ontario is renowned for our education system and is an amazing opportunity for international students all over the world. Goldenlink Academy has been providing top quality education for students, offering Ontario credit courses, tutoring, counselling and Canadian experiences - all the makings of a quality school that international students and their families can trust.

Growing up can be difficult and you may have many doubts and insecurities about the future. Our dedicated teachers at Goldenlink Academy will help you discover your passions, and form them into a pathway for success. Strong foundations are essential to building success of any kind; the high standards, values and expectations that we install in our students encourages them to reach their goals and triumph over the rest.

At Goldenlink, our goal is to not only to help you reach your academic goals - we encourage our students to be well-rounded, independent individuals. Our school environment, with all its warmth and support, is a tool in shaping your future self. The global community is a competitive one and Goldenlink students are well equipped to using the knowledge, skills and values learned in order to make it their own.

An exciting new year awaits you, and I wish you all the best with your studies. They say "success is a journey, not a destination"; Every day, every class, and with every passing year, you will be a little closer to your own success.


- Ann Wang

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Address:20 Amber Street, Unit 204,
Markham, Ontario L3R 5P4

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School Mission

No matter what the age, we believe everyone has enormous potential to do great things. We are committed to partnering with our students to help build strong skills that will prepare them for a successful future in their communities.  

School Vision

At Goldenlink Academy, our vision is to inspire our students to reach beyond the expected, and prepare them for their world of limitless possibilities.