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Goldenlink Academy

About Goldenlink Academy


Goldenlink Academy (GLA) is a Grade 9 through 12, coeducational, private, day school in Markham, Ontario.

At Goldenlink,  in addition to the Ontario accredited courses, we also offer private tutorial sessions to cultivate foundation skills; and a wide array of enrichment courses to cultivate critical thinking, speaking and writing skills.  

Goldenlink’s team of admissions consultants specialize in admission to top universities across Canada.  By offering personalize advise and attention to each student, we ensure a quality consulting and application experience to maximize admissions results for every student. 

Our small classes are designed to target specific skills and address weaknesses.  Each student will be assessed appropriately prior to the course to help improve test scores.  Our services are customized for each individual student with customized needs in order to maximize results.  With offerings for TOEFL, IELTS, COPE and more, Goldenlink builds students for admissions success.

The main focus behind our mission is the overall wellness of our students.  Founded on the belief that students should receive all the support and resources to thrive on a robust education, we believe in nurturing individual strengths to help every student achieve their goals.  Goldenlink recognizes the need to mentally and physically prepare every student for not only an increasingly competitive academic environment, but also an increasingly competitive world.  We know that our students need to be able to grow and develop skills on their own.  We believe that we can offer the best support to cultivate every student’s academic growth as they pursue every possibility for their future.  

Our students can testify that Goldenlink is a truly unique and wonderful school to attend especially for those who come from overseas.  



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Address:20 Amber Street, Unit 204,
Markham, Ontario L3R 5P4

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School Mission

No matter what the age, we believe everyone has enormous potential to do great things. We are committed to partnering with our students to help build strong skills that will prepare them for a successful future in their communities.  

School Vision

At Goldenlink Academy, our vision is to inspire our students to reach beyond the expected, and prepare them for their world of limitless possibilities.